Welcome to our Pricing page!

This is the page that many of you will be most interested in. Once you understand the services that we provide, you’re going to want to know what they cost!


First of all, our prices will always be competitive! This is not just a sales pitch, this is a strategic marketing strategy. A lot of companies will put out a big price tag hoping that you will think that means they’re better at what we do. False! We prefer to do the work for less why? Because we believe that pricing ourselves below the competition is likely to increase volume, and we want to stay busy!


Others will lure you in with low advertised prices but note that their pricing always includes an asterisk! After you’ve gone through the site, filled out their information forms, and entered the checkout process, you find out that what they said would cost $89.99* is really $683!

With us, you will get none of the above! Why? we want you back. We also recognize the importance of reputation, and it is very important to me that we be known for dealing with our clients and their business with fairness in mind.


In addition to our honest pricing, we offer a 10% promise.

If you see a service offered by a competitor we guarantee that we will get it done for 10% less! Note: This only applies to legitimate commercial advertisements.

We are sure you’d like to hear more. So, once you’ve reviewed our services and decided what you need, contact us for a fair and reasonable price quote!

Email: paperkrow@gmail.com
Twitter: @paperkrow

Disclaimer: Paperkrow provides only consulting and paperwork. These services are not to be construed as or mistaken for legal services. Further the contents of this blog and the @paperkrow twitter account reflect only opinions and do not constitute legal advice. All words and ideas expressed on this site are the sole intellectual property of the owner and subject to copyright and as such may not be used elsewhere for any purpose without express authorization.



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