Welcome To The Page Where You Make Money!

We offer the lowest prices that we can, because we believe those low prices will generate more business volume! So you see volume is a priority to us. We want as much business as we can handle in a 24-hour day.

In addition to those low prices, we thought another marketing strategy that might bring us more clientele would be to offer large commissions. That’s called affiliate marketing. You would be the “affiliate.”

Note that we didn’t say commissions. We said large commissions. Common business practice is to pay 10% commission when someone sends you business. We pay 25%.

This means if you send us a customer who spends $2,000 you make $500 for yourself. That is just for telling someone about what we do. It’s easy money! We pay the 25% on any amount no matter how big or small! $10,000 = $2,500. $100 = $25.

Why would anyone do this? Because We’d rather make all of $1,500, than none of $2,000 if you can understand that.

So now that you understand how easy this money can be and how effortless the process is on your part, we hope that you will consider making money with us! Who couldn’t use an extra $1,000 or more per-month cash money? What you make is only limited by how many clients you send us.

This is not a joke. It is a fast way to make cash.

Don’t believe us?
Ask @rogerbeat.

As always if you have any questions you can email us or contact us via Twitter.

Email: paperkrow@gmail.com

Twitter: @paperkrow

Disclaimer: Paperkrow provides only consulting and paperwork. These services are not to be construed as or mistaken for legal services. Further, the contents of this blog and the @paperkrow twitter account reflect only opinions and do not constitute legal advice. All words and ideas expressed on this site are the sole intellectual property of the owner and subject to copyright and as such may not be used elsewhere for any purpose without express authorization.



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