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So you think you want to hire someone. If you’ve read the page about our Transparent Fees, then you already know a thing or two about our competition. And, you know that some of them are Swindlers.

Before you consider paying money for the “services” of one of these so-called “experts” ask yourself, and them: what are you paying for? Unlike many competing companies who come up with what they want to charge you as they go along, we have a list of concrete services that we provide and you can see it at any time. The things that we will do for you aren’t made up or theoretical, they are actual tools designed for your advancement. Many guys, or “companies” if you would call them that will gladly take your money but when you ask them what exactly they’ll help you with, they draw a blank. That, or they bold-faced lie and give you the impression that they’re capable and qualified to do anything productive.

They’ll say whatever they have to to make it work, but they don’t do this full-time. To them, the whole idea of getting involved in this industry is just something they thought up (and didn’t think through thoroughly) to make some money on the side. They don’t have a plan of action with regard to what they will provide for you. They’re just going to throw something against the wall and hope it sticks and if it doesn’t, oh well, too bad for you. Your money is gone. We don’t charge monthly flat fees for who knows what and we don’t work on a “trust me” or “you’ll see” basis. We lay out exactly what we can do completely, and explain it in plain English until you are satisfied. This is not a guessing game or fly by night operation with us. We have a refined system of proven resources that will benefit you and can help you take your career to the next level.

So why would you go behind door number three when you have all of the information on what we do right at your fingertips?

Go with the sure bet. Contact us for any service you might need now.

EMAIL: paperkrow@gmail.com
TWITTER: @paperkrow

Disclaimer: Paperkrow provides only consulting and paperwork. These services are not to be construed as or mistaken for legal services. Further, the contents of this blog and the @paperkrow twitter account reflect only opinions and do not constitute legal advice. All words and ideas expressed on this site are the sole intellectual property of the owner and subject to copyright and as such may not be used elsewhere for any purpose without express


About paperkrow

Paperkrow's founder is a graduate of the American University School of Law in Washington, DC and music industry consultant. He has a long relationship with music across a variety of genres, stemming from his first experiences in a Grammy Award winning youth choir. As he grew older my interest in music grew with him and he continued on into hip-hop on both the writing and production sides. He is a member of a production team that was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008 for a song produced for Ludacris & TI. He has also written for major mainstream hip-hop artists. His experience stems not only from the music industry but also the study of law. He studied sports and entertainment law under the wing of experienced veterans in those fields en route to obtaining a doctorate degree. Contact us today to see how we can help you at: paperkrow@gmail.com


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