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NOTE: If you’d like to cut to the chase and find out how we can help you immediately, feel free to go right to our SERVICES page. There, you can find a concise list of everything that we can do for you. We won’t be offended. You can always come back and read our warm welcome later. However, we do provide substantial preliminary information here. So, if you’re inclined to keep reading, then by all means, continue.

INTRODUCTION: Paperkrow is a company founded by musicians for musicians. This company was formed because we saw a hole in the market, a huge under-serviced and largely unserviced consumer base: the aspiring star. For years, aspiring musicians and entertainers have been on the outside looking in with regard to access to quality business documents and filings. Further, they’ve been told that only the industry machine can build a celebrity. We believe two things: First, that every artist should have access to A-1 quality paperwork. And second, that the more you come to the table with at your most important meetings, the larger your financial gains will be. At Paperkrow we feel that we can be commercially successful by providing the massive community of aspiring artists with professional paperwork and music industry consultation. Why? Because there are millions of you. And to this point, you’ve been ignored. Our founder is a law school graduate with first hand music industry experience at the highest levels. And, he’s ready to go to work for you. For in-depth information about our company and its founder visit the ABOUT US page.

You’re not here to hear about us, you’re here to see what we can do for you. That’s where our SERVICES page comes in. But here’s a brief glimpse. We’re well aware that you’re a brilliant and creative person. Most individuals, even the smartest and most talented, need someone for the things that aren’t in their field of expertise. If mountains of paperwork, and state and federal filings aren’t your specialty, we’re here to handle that. This will include things like setting up a business entity, having your “stage name” protected, keeping your music safe from would-be thieves, and getting paid when your songs are played on the radio or television. In the old days the label did this for you and you owed them your life. Then came the lawyers who were willing to help, but charged (and still charge) an arm and a leg. Now, big self-service companies are all over the internet and they will take your money but offer no quality control. They work like a cookie-cutter assembly line, with have no protocol for addressing your unique individual needs. Of course when you deal with Paperkrow you get someone who knows what their doing, who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg, and is sensitive to your specific circumstances. We are unique in that our founder is not only a law school graduate, he’s also had a successful career as a musician. This means that not only is he well-versed in the law, he’s also familiar with the particulars of the your industry. As such, we can offer consulting services to help you in that field. These include things like branding yourself, releasing a CD/mixtape, sending out beats to major artists and other steps you will take or should take on your way to the top.

We thought SERVICES would be our most popular page, but our PRICING page might run neck and neck. Of course you want to know what our services cost. Let us say this. We guarantee you will not find lower charges for what we do anywhere. We invite you to take a look around and come back. Don’t be fooled though. The major sites will always list their prices with an asterisk. These numbers are inaccurate. The asterisk means their are hidden fees. $69.99* could really mean $500 or more. We promise that our quotes are always the full amount that you will pay. No surprises. And in case you still think you might do better elsewhere we should mention our 10% Guarantee. If you find a lower price listed anywhere on any of our paperwork services we will not only match that price we will beat it by 10%. Paperkrow is the best value. Guaranteed.

As you browse the site, and especially if you do business with us, you will learn that we’re very different from the companies we compete with. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see it spelled out clearly on our HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT page. There, you will learn that our primary business principle is integrity. It is important to us first and foremost that we provide fair dealings with our clients. That’s not at the top of other companies’ lists. You will also find out the advantages you can expect hiring us versus anyone else. You’ll see how we’re far more personable and accessible than the gigantic Paper Mills that spend tens of thousands a month bombarding you with advertisements, or the high-price lawyers that may not be able to squeeze you into their schedule (and will eat up your entire budget when they do.) We’ll also explain how our business ethic and concrete list of services are far superior to other “veterans” of the music game who are washed up and trying to make a quick buck giving you their “expert” opinions. And, we go over our own music industry credits and experiences. We’ve had big songs and we’ve met the major players. We can tell you how to get there, and who to look out for when you arrive.

If you’ve read this far that’s the first indicator that you possess some of the qualities that it takes to make it: discipline, determination, and a thirst for knowledge. But we’re sure that you’re eager to read more on other parts of the site. So we’re going to let you go and explore. Before we go though we have just a few quick words on reaching us. These are also laid out on our CONTACT page. We take pride in checking our Email constantly and answering as fast as you can. We will do our very best to get back with you within 24 hours if not faster. We are also very active on Twitter and love to interact with our clients and potential clients alike. So feel free to contact us there as well.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Now check out the rest of the site. If you need us we’ll be here:

Email: paperkrow@gmail.com
Twitter: @paperkrow

Disclaimer: Paperkrow provides only consulting and paperwork. These services are not to be construed as or mistaken for legal services. Further, the contents of this blog and the @paperkrow twitter account reflect only opinions and do not constitute legal advice. All words and ideas expressed on this site are the sole intellectual property of the owner and subject to copyright and as such may not be used elsewhere for any purpose without express authorization.



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